Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Vocal Slender

Most hip-hop artists talk about coming from tough surroundings-

In Vocal Slender’s case, he started off making his living primarily as a scavenger and the proceeds were used to further his dream to become an accomplished and successful music artist. Vocal Slender born Eric Obuh from Ajegunle, was shown working on his “Owo Yapa” during a BBC documentary on Lagos,Nigeria. His style is similar to that of most artists from Ajegunle like Showkey, Baba Fryo, Daddy Fresh, African Chine, Danfo Drivers etc. Rhythmic vocals infused with party and socially conscious lyrics laid on reggae beats served up with the Ajegunle flavour.

His determination and self belief has taken him far, to the point that his music is available on itunes and promoters managed to bring him over to the U.K...

info via worldfamousnaijablog
pic via cokobar


Anonymous said...

I never comment on blogs, but this one is awesome! Thanks.

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