Thursday, 28 May 2009

Fabolous (Feat. Jeremih) - It's My Time +Throw It In The Bag (Feat. The-Dream)

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There is a couple of screenshots from the videos, Defjam seem to b on it with their Hiphop artists this year....

Am a huge Fabolous fan, I first did not really like this track but its grown on me, the track featuring Ryan Leslie and Keri Hilson is gonna be a banger this summer, am feeling the 'throw it in the bag' tune as well, but i hope the album has deep lyrical content..dunno how conceptual this album is, the released singles are not really relevant , considering the album is supposed to be loosely conceptual and in some way parallel to Carlitos Way.....

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Karmen Sutra

Not the most original name...I know this may sound surprising but am more interested in that tattoo under her enjoy

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Mixtapes to Check Out

Ok this is a new section in my blog, i will recommend mixtapes to listen to..only stuff that I have actually liistened to or heard a lot about....

The Empire & Drake - Friends With Money-
This is a dope mixtape, I have not listened to a lot of Drake's music but u cannot doubt his talent or versatility

Big Mike & Dj Thoro: Cassidy - Apply Pressure
Cassidy got a new movement with Carmelo Anthony co-signing him..this tape remind me of a younger, hungry cass, punchlines galore..a good listen from one of phillys nicest....

DJ Folk & Young Jeezy - Trappin’ Ain’t Dead

Is he a trapper or rapper? Well all I know is he is consistent, every summer he has a hot mixtape or album out on the streets, good especially when in the whip and for the d-boys....A!!!

you can get these mixtapes @

Ransom - Hell On Earth

Ransom got talent,he needs to be more diverse looking forward to his forthcoming mixtape 'lights,camera,action'

LeBron Vs Kobe pt 2

I am beginning to wonder whether this final between these two... I mean the Lakers and Caveliers..will it emerge..Dwight Howard made a valid point, we the fans and also Nike are overlooking the nuggets and the magics...LoL I still hope we get this dream final..lakers are tied with nuggets..LeBron & the Cavs need to turn it up....

Mike Tyson loses daughter

It was not long ago I was congratulating Tyson for finding himself and starting a new kind of life, he unfortunately has lost his daughter in a tragic thoughts and prayers are with him and his family, I hope he can be strong and come through this, no one should have to bury their own child...God Bless

First Lady Michelle Obama on 'Time' Magazine cover

A beautiful leader and role model...Obama time!!!

BMW concept Sportscar...


Damn if this car makes it to the production line i think Audi R8 may be put to I getting to excited, the future of cars is lookin crazy...

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Beyoncé Knowles - Ego

Question..Who does not luv Beyonce? LoL....she doin her thing as usual

Rick Ross ft. Avery Storm - Rich Off Cocaine + Cigar Music

The production on Rick Ross album is impeccable, special mention to JUSTICE LEAGUE doin their thing...Avery Storm is killin it, check him on Jada's album too, Masspike Miles on the come up..the bawse needs to add more depth in his lyrics hence the term Deeper than Rap???

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Mike Tyson on the Jimmy Kimmel Show +(Jamie Foxx as Mike Tyson)

One of the Greatest Boxers ever if not the greatest!!!
Would it be fair to say his life is now shaping up?
In the interview they talk about Jamie Foxx playing him in a biopic movie and also the parody Jamie Foxx did on him a few years and enjoy
If you have not seen the 'Tyson' documentary, try watch it...some serious stuff...

Is it Car is it a plane? its the AUDI D7

The Audi D7 concept was a part of Iran’s concept car exhibition “From Dream to Reality,” and it comes across as a flashy super sports car. It gets a front mounted electric engine for power, but the most striking part of the design is its use of Neon lights, for not just a flashy body, but even for headlamps and tail lights.

Pics via fubiz, info via autospies

Damn the future of cars is crazy...

R+ Rocawear shoe

I've been rockin high tops for years (only air force 1's and dunks)a lot of brands are makin high-top shoes commercial...i like these a fan of the s.carter collection and why not

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Why are the 2008 NBA finalists going to Game 7 ?

Can somebody please elaborate why the celtics and lakers have left it to game 7 in order to get a chance of reaching their respective conference finals?
I could understand that the celtics have lost big ticket i.e Garnett, but what about the lakers, is this complacency...I think the lakers will go through because they are @ home, but it should not have reached this, celtics 'just' beat magics out of experience.

I still wanna see Lakers V Cavs final..Kobe make it happen...LoL

The games are this Sunday

Fabolous - Throw it in the bag (Trailer + Pics from making of the video)

This is another track off the Loso's Way LP... I think this one is gonna be big this summer, not like 'make me better' though...the girls for this video were actually cast by voting through Fabolous Blog site....I might take that ides when shooting videos for creme-de-la-creme

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Fabolous - Its my Time (Trailer + Photos from making of the video)

This track is actually growing on me. shout out to Loso and Street Fam. Peep the pics and trailer, a couple of dimes in this 1....

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D-Block (Feat. S.I.) - Get That Paper

First single off D-Block's new album No Security in stores June 9th Am feeling this one, looking forward to the album...

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Tracy McGrady in Darfur (short docuentary)

I was gonna comment on how one of my favourite basketball players is missin in the epic clash with the lakers. I stumbled across this documentary on worldstar..props to T-MAC and all those who do their bit to help the less fortunate

Monday, 11 May 2009

Kobe Bryant V Lebron James (The Frank Review)

This is the match we all wanna see. I personally feel Kobe is a better player than Lebron James, however I do not think Lebron is far off. Must take into consideration that Kobe is older and more experienced. I got a few stats from for you to check out...
2008/09 Kobe Bryant
PPG 26.8
RPG 5.2
APG 4.9
SPG 1.5
BPG 0.4
FG% 0.467
FT% 0.856
3P% 0.351
MPG 36.1

LeBron James 2008/09
PPG 28.4
RPG 7.6
APG 7.2
SPG 1.7
BPG 1.1
FG% 0.489
FT% 0.780
3P% 0.344
MPG 37.7

Obviously by looking @ the stats, they are both in good form and are on top of their game. James and the Cavs seem to be cruising to the final, the Lakers have to step up and take advantage of the Rockets.

If both teams reach the final,it would be a great way to start the summer, this would be like the Justice League V The-Xmen or Batman V Superman, nah more like Jay-Z V Nas.... U dont really know who you want to win, but whowever comes out victorious, deserves it...I Love this Game!!!



Friday, 8 May 2009

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Nba Playoffs : The Drama...

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I love this game...this years play-offs have been the best in a long time, anybody agree?

Kobe and Artest Beefing...lookin forward to game three
Alston slapping Eddie House...that was comical

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Keyshia Cole (Feat. Monica) - Trust

I love this track.. KC never fails to disappoint and Monica complemented her well, video concept could have been better

Joanna Shari

props to show-mag

I have not really had a lot of time on my hands, for the next couple of weeks am just gonna be putting up videos, unless the stuff is really exclusive...enjoy the hot pics and video

Nigeria's Hip-Hop Industry Is Booming More Than USA?

I have heard people saying that these figures are fake, from what i know these artists really are getting money...big up my naija people.... I think the reason why they are makin a lot of money is because the music has content and also the digital new media craze..i.e, internet , downloading is not as heavy as in the 'western world'..but hey its a good look and inspirational for future artists and moguls anywhere about....

Rick Ross (Feat. The-Dream) - All I Really Want

I like the video, reminds me of 'beautiful'...Rick Ross is killin it with the suits..The Dream doing his thing....

Rick Ross - Maybach Music (Official Video)

Some people may have not seen this video, Justice League are killing it with their beats..this is off Trilla.. Maybach Music Vs Maybach Music 2?

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Big Tizzy ft Tilla man & Dola-billz - Faaji

Big Tizzy is a London based Nigerian artist, he is also a C.D.C affiliate, its only right that he is featured on Creme De La Creme Blog....check out the track,its quite for the video, its in rotation on ben TV...text {bilz.faaji to 81066} also check and