Tuesday, 20 July 2010

VANS – Fall/Winter 2010 – OTW Collection

For VANS, there is the extremely stylish VANS Vault Collection, and there is the VANS that we are all familiar with based in action sports. Bridging the gap between both, VANS has created the OTW collection aimed to bring the classic VANS action sports styling with a more progressive sense of street fashion. The entire collection is meant to stay clean and subtle, and hence, for Fall/Winter 2010, colors are kept close to monochromatic schemes and practical comfort becomes a key focus for the collection. The collection includes six styles ranging from low-tops to high tops– the Westin (blue), the Larkin (grey), the Tustin (black), the Frazier (white), the Bedford (olive) and the Bigelow (red and black). All are crafted from premium leather and suede. The simplicity of the collection bodes well with those who enjoy a little freedom in dressing as they are easy to mix and match with any wardrobe.

pics & info via freshnessmag

These are some interesting designs from the people at Vans...I like!

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