Friday, 29 January 2010

Nike Sportswear 2010 Spring Auto Flight Hi

Another release from the Nike Sportswear Spring footwear range makes itself available, this time in the form of an Auto Flight Hi. The sneakers take on a simple black/purple colorway with a sheen leather upper. Available now through Nike retailers

I would not mind a pair of these!!!

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Mariah Carey (Feat. Nicki Minaj) - Up Out My Face/ Angels Cry Feat Ne-Yo

MC has always likened herself to a mermaid or barbie, how fitting to get arguably the hottest female rapper in the game on her track a self -proclaimed barbie chick, i have a love hate relationship with this Nicki Minaj chick, but on this one she went in!!!

This one is vintage Mariah with assistance of Ne-Yo

Usher - Hey Daddy

This track sounds decent am looking forward to the album, I hope its in between 8701 and Confessions because I honestly didn't really feel the last album, check the dance moves in the video, still one of the best in the game.

The Ipad

Did anything even matter before the iPad? Or did the lives of tech geeks as they knew them officially begin today?

My first impressions of the device are largely positive. Apple has once again built a product that looks good and feels great in the hand, and the familiar user interface, borrowed from the iPhone and iPod touch, is perfectly suited to the bigger screen. The iPad whizzes along, opening applications, re-sizing web pages, and zooming in and out of maps almost instantaneously.

It's a great, fun gaming platform, and it's lovely to view full-size web pages while browsing the internet. Developers, no doubt, are already rubbing their hands with glee about the apps and services they could tailor specifically for this device.
The new touch-optimised iWork suite is beautifully realised, making it quick and easy -- and, dare I say, fun -- to piece together a spreadsheet or presentation. It also helps to elevate the iPad to more than just a plaything.

As Steve Jobs said during his keynote, if you're going to create a third category of device, between the smartphone and the laptop, then it needs to be better than either for certain tasks. In many areas, this is true for the iPad -- web browsing is much better on the iPad than the iPhone, just because of the bigger screen, and physically flicking through photos, music and movies is just more enjoyable on the iPad than a laptop.

But in several crucial areas, the iPad falls short of the functionality that would have made this more than just a large iPod touch. The lack of Flash support is a major issue; the iPad's big screen is designed to make the best of multimedia content and the full-screen browsing experience, but the sight of little blue squares dotted around web pages where embedded video should have been just makes you feel like you're being short-changed.

The iPad's inability to multi-task could also severely hamper its appeal. It's being pitched as a portable device that you could kick back and use on the sofa at home, but you can't listen to your Spotify playlists at the same time as writing an email, or browse the web while using an instant-messaging app to chat with friends. It's one or other, just as it is on the iPhone and iPod touch, but for the extra money you're paying for the iPad, you expect something more akin to a laptop computing experience.

I love Apple's new e-reader application, iBooks. The virtual bookshelf, on which your digital tomes sit, is an example of Apple design at its best; elegant, simple, well-executed. The reading experience itself was also delightful, with the pages of the virtual books having the sort of patina you would expect to find on a printed novel. Turning pages is achieved with a swiping gesture, or a single tap in the right-hand margins.

But I think the backlighting of Apple's pin-sharp display is going to cause a lot of tired eyes; e-Ink is deeply unglamorous, but it does the job superbly, and I don't think serious bookworms will be swayed to chose the iPad over the Kindle or a Sony Reader. For the casual reader though, the inclusion of the iBooks app, and the iBookstore, is a boon, and likely to inspire impulse purchases of novels in much the same way as the iTunes music store on the iPhone and iPod touch is a constant temptation.

Before yesterday's event, analysts were adamant that the iPad would be the saviour of newspapers and magazines, but there was little sign of that at the launch. The New York Times showed off a slick application, but it just felt like a larger-scale version of their iPhone app rather than a genuine step-change in the way printed content is delivered and consumed. I had hoped to hear more about how the iPad could be used to read magazines or shape the day's news agenda. However, it's still early days and Apple are only now able to talk more openly to prospective content partners about mutually beneficial deals.

The iPad is a lovely device that gadget fans will lust after, but I'm yet to be entirely convinced that it offers enough of an advantage over my smartphone or laptop. I do think it has the potential to be a game-changing device, but it will be the second- and third-generation versions that really drive the agenda, and introduce a new and innovative way of computing.

Ultimately, the iPad is a large iPod touch: a great device to draw your inspiration from, but perhaps not the seismic shift in technology that we were expecting. But watch this space...By Claudine Beaumont, Technology Editor, in San Francisco
Published: 1:19PM GMT 28 Jan 2010

Telegraph rating: * * * *

This is for those who dont know about the ipad or want to know about the ipad. Apple are really breaking boundaries. My personal thing is that I have the ipod touch, and am not really hyped about this device, i bet by summer 2011, they will have a faster slimmer one, for the tech geeks and people with money to burn, this is a good device to have am still thinking of how to get them 'beats by dre' headphones but not at £279 lol.... *sidenote, peep the video even if not for the whole length just to see Steve Jobs talking and wearing his ' I get money, have no dressing sense jeans'

Tatyana Ali

Saw these pics and felt why not....hmm.. can somebody say Ashley Banks!!!


Jay Electronica- Exhibit A

So am late with this one, this track is hard...lyrics and flow impecable produced by Just Blaze

Baseline Studios Closes Down

If u listen to new-york or east coast hip-hop genrally then i dont really have to explain the significance of this studio, this is where one of my favourite hip hop producers made some classic music with the likes of Jay-Z, Roca-Fella, The Game etc
Check what he had to say

LTD Presents Conversations: Just Blaze (Episode #1) from LTD Magazine on Vimeo.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Rick Ross feat Chrisette Michelle (BTS) Mafia Music II

I think Ross is gonna drop another classic album..looking forward to this one.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Throwback track of the week- SWV feat. Puff Daddy - Someone

Can Diddy bring back this Badboy era? Hmmm with Dirty feelin his moves and I love this track!!! cant stop wont stop...haha *sidenote* cant believe this track is thirteen years old!!!

Jay-Z, Bono, The Edge & Rihanna – Stranded (Haiti Mon Amour)

Go buy this track on itunes...100% of the proceeds go towards helping the Haiti earthquake victims, am still thinking of hosting an event where all proceeds will help the people there!!!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Rick Ross feat Chrisette Michelle - Mafia Music 2

Ross is back again...Mafia Music 2!!! this guys flow is impeccable ..."we assholes with fast cars and cashflow, my last loaf was gift wrapped by castro"....

*Update* Just found out Chrisette Michelle is featured on this one, makes it even more better, she's like a young Anita Baker....I know thats a big statement!!!

Rick Ross - Mafia Music 2

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Snoop Dogg – I Wanna Rock (The Kings G-Mix) f. Jay-Z

“Its no Biggie, I’m just the King now.” I know everybody is talking about that line, c'mon son we've been talking about this since 'the blueprint'

Snoop Dogg – I Wanna Rock (The Kings G-Mix) f. Jay-Z

pic via missinfo music via 2dopeboyz

Lupe Fiasco – I’m Beaming (prod. The Neptunes)

Lupe Fiasco!!! C'mon son we need that epic album, I like this track..still listening to the 'enemy of the state' mixtape....when people talk about the new breed of rappers i.e Drake, Kid Cudi, J.Cole, don't forget Lupe because i feel he influenced the people I just mentioned, just my opinion!!!
Lupe Fiasco – I’m Beaming (prod. The Neptunes)

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Jay-Z Addresses Freemason/Illuminati Rumors &Jay-Z Speaks On Birdman Saying Lil Wayne Is More Lyrical & Makes More Money

“I think I need to remind people I’m from Marcy Projects. You can’t get into those prestigious clubs. I can’t even get into the golf club in Palm Springs.” (In response to Illuminati and Freemason rumors)

“This rap music and the competitive by nature, nothing really surprises me anymore but I’ll honestly say, that was one that was like a shocker. When you from a certain place, cut from a certain cloth, there’s certain things that’s just off limits. When you cross that line, it puts you in a different box.” I think people are running out of ideas and it’s all marketing at this point.(In response to Beanie Segal disses)

- Jay-Z
full interview

The Director Of, “On To The Next One,” Speaks

Jay-Z Speaks On Birdman Saying Lil Wayne Is More Lyrical & Makes More Money
Watch when Jay talks about the money part, this is priceless, this moment Vs the 'men lie women lie, numbers don't', its a

Esquire article on Jay-Z

“African-Americans were very rarely considered pop culture,” he says from behind o

ne of his color-blind podiums. “When Whitney became pop, she did a lot of things that were

not necessarily her. Look at her first album” — she looks like an African goddess — “versus

her second” — a black Olivia Newton-John — “and you’ll see what she did. Michael Jackson, same thing. He put Jheri curls in his hair. Those were the things they had to do to be loved by the masses.” But Jay-Z didn’t do anything but keep being himself, he say

s. “The masses came to him.” Full Story: “Why Jay-Z Is Everything We’re Not,” @ Esquire

I should have called this particular post.. the 'jigga man' lol....anyway these are just a few articles you can read on, especially the whole conspiracy theories about S.Carter, I put a bunch of interviews and articles it a read

ers digest, am tired of people telling me hip-hop is evil etc, this rapper is the anti-christ etc....anyway enough said 'On to The next One'!!!

“Rap for me is like making movies, telling stories, and getting the emotions of the songs through in just as deep a way. And I grew up in rap and movies the same way. I recently watched Once Upon a Time in America (1984) on a plane. Back in the day, Noodles”—played by Robert De Niro— “was my man. But when he rapes that girl, I couldn’t sit through it anymore. You come to realize that actions have consequences.” -Jay- Z

full interview

pics and articlesvia vibe, realtalkny, hot97 , interview magazine& esquire

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Evian Roller Babies international version

This has got to be one of the best commercials i've seen, there is even behind the scenes footage etc about it....

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Giggs – Don’t Go There f. B.o.B

I like the cinematics of this video, Giggs making moves!!!!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Michael Jackson - This Is It

Michael Jackson - This Is It - Directed by Spike Lee from 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks on Vimeo.

This is a nice video, reminiscing on the late king of pop

Diddy & Rick Ross discussing making moves/ Dirty Money x Rick Ross - Angels Remix (Video Stills)!!!

I think this Diddy album is gonna be nice, feelin that 90's swagger, the Boss doing his thing too, Teflon Don album, i need that!!! They are shooting a video for Angels Remix, should be a nice one!!!

This is the trailer!!! Nice!

The video is here now and it didn't disappoint!

Bravo ft. Freck Billionaire & Paul Cain – M-Dash Video and BTS

M-Dash Trailer f/ Bravo, Freck Billionaire, Paul Cain, and Fabolous from Paper View Media on Vimeo.

There goes the video, Street Fam doing what they do and Mr bar for bar - Freck Billionaire is back!!!

Street Fam, its about time they pop off, still waiting on the Loso mixtape!!!

Jay-Z ft. Swizz Beatz – On To The Next One

What a fitting way to start the new year and new decade, we "on to the next one" happy new year!!! I hope to make this site much better thru this year!!!