Friday, 31 July 2009

Nas Speaks On Kelis Divorce

I don't really do the gossip news, but this is an issue which should not be ignored (Child Support)and I know a lot of people been discussing about it, so why not get a few words from the man himself

“I heard that I was a cheater,” says Nas, who takes on a more determined tone when discussing the matter. “It almost sounds like I was a bad husband. Not to say I was the greatest—I’m not perfect in anything I do—but I think I deserve a fucking trophy. If I do say so myself, without sounding too cocky, I gotta say I was a hell of a husband and a hell of a dad.”
“It’s unfortunate when business is out there about your personal shit, especially when you’re really not the guy to be having his shit out there,” he says. “The sad thing is, you’ve got to get used to it. My skin is so thick that I probably need to write a book for people who are not ready for anything crazy.”

P.S check out Nas verse on Amerie's 'Why R U remix'(he slyly went in)

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President Obama shares beer with Henry Louis Gates Jr., Sgt. James Crowley & VP Biden

The NYDaily News reports:

The Audacity of Hops meeting at the White House demonstrated something most of us knew: Presidential power and charm can temporarily smooth the still-rough edges of race in America.

That's especially true when you have three men - Prof. Henry Louis Gates, Sgt. James Crowley and President Obama - who all radiate dignity, duty and fierce love of our country and its possibilities.

All three, burned by the same misunderstanding, were determined not to compound the error with ill-chosen words.

One teachable moment I'm waiting for is the day some inspired playwright scripts the confusion of that odd Cambridge afternoon using the technique pioneered by the late Japanese filmmaker, Akiro Kurasawa, in the 1950 classic movie, "Rashomon."

The film tells and re-tells a crime story through the eyes of four witnesses who see incompatible versions of the same event.

Some writer - I nominate Pulitzer-Prize winner Lynn Nottage of Brooklyn - could have a ball demonstrating how Gates, Crowley and Lucia Whelan, the woman who called the cops about a suspected break-in, all turned out to be right, wrong and mistaken at the same time.

Outside the scripted bonhomie of the White House, it's unclear if race relations have changed for the better.

A Boston cop and National Guardsman named Justin Barrett has been suspended from the force and the Guard after e-mailing a rambling note to a Boston Globe columnist.

"If I was the officer he verbally assaulted like a banana-eating jungle monkey, I would have sprayed him in the face with [pepper spray]," he wrote.

Barrett was promptly stripped of his gun and badge; a hearing to dismiss him from the force is pending.

"These racist opinions and feelings have no place in this department or in our society and will not be tolerated," Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis said. Good for him.

Now that is what I call a teachable moment.

Some senior official at Fox News ought to say the same about right-wing talking head Glenn Beck, who went on national TV to throw reckless verbal slime.

"This President has exposed himself as a guy over and over and over again who has a deep-seated hatred for white people," Beck said. "This guy is, I believe, a racist."

The outburst has earned Beck a national campaign demanding that companies advertising on his show cancel their sponsorship.

Another teachable moment.

This isn't the polite, scholarly national conversation on race that some hoped for - but it's way better than nothing at all.

Obama (Random Pics)

Just seeing President Obama in Office is History!!!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Rick Ross- Boss Lady

The Bawse hit us up with another one.... I like this tune and the beat is hard...

Fabolous Ft. Keri Hilson - Everything, Everyday, Everywhere

Loso's Way in stores now!!! This track is a summer banger!!!

Monday, 27 July 2009

J.Cole (Jay-Z's new artist)

This summer may belong to Drake when it comes to newcomers in hiphop,but don't sleep on RocNation's new artist J.Cole...he raps and produces...

Red Cafe - Hottest in The Hood

Badboy/Konvict artist Red Cafe, about time he put this video out, it came late but its here and its moooovin...need the remix video asap....

Saturday, 25 July 2009

2Pac - If There’s A Cure (I Don’t Want It) f. Snoop Dogg

This is an unreleased track from West Coast HipHop royalty...chilled track...nice
2Pac - If There’s A Cure (I Don’t Want It) f. Snoop Dogg

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Jay-Z Feat Rihanna & Kanye West - Run This Town

Apparently this is the 1st single off the BP3.. i've been hearing mixed reactions, I like it, but at the same time am not sure what direction Jigga is going with this album, lets see....

Jay-Z Feat Rihanna & Kanye West - Run This Town

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Ajia Nicole

Ajia Nicole - Hurricane Chris' "Halle Berry," XXL Eyecandy from Bari the Beautiful on Vimeo.

She supposedly looks like Halle Berry...this is the vixen from Hurricane Chris Video...she phat and cute...

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The Book Of Eli - Movie Trailer (Denzel Washington)

This already looks like a great movie, with Denzel in an unfamiliar role, he really gets it in...Pelham 123, Inside Man 2 coming and this... *Tip* Watch the trailer in HD

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Rick Ross Feat Trina - Face

The Boss drops another video for the album AGAIN....

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Young Jeezy on XXL Cover

am anticipating that Thug Motivation 103....this dude is consistant...Lets Get It!!!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Page Feat Drake- I'm still Fly

I know am late on this one, but i hear it so much in the club, so here it is...

Smoke Bulga Feat Jim Jones

Smoke Bulga Ft. Jim Jones - Money On My Mind from DanTheMan on Vimeo.

I have no idea who this dude is, i like the tune though

Jay-Z on 'Billboard' Magazine cover

Jay-Z talks business/music etc in the billboard mag, jus got these pages from it..big things!!! I like the 'blueprint' theme..

Rosa Acosta

This chick apparently went to some ballet academy.. explains the flexibility :)
you may have seen her in Drake's new video and also Mario's new vid...enjoy the workout video....

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Kid Cudi Feat Kanye West & Common - Make Her Say

This is a nice video from the mid-west boys of GOOD music..

Twista - Yo Body Feat Do Or Die & Johnny P

yes... i like this one, autotune was not too bad, damn where has "Do Or Die", been? Twista did his thing, the flows on this track are ridiculous...the album "Category F5" is a nice listen...go cop it...i think they used some elements of 2003 'do u'.. classic tune

50 cent- Funny How time flies

This is off the forever king mixtape....the mixtape goes hard, especially if you miss music of the 90's...hope the album is good....

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Loso's Way Trailer (Short Film)

Loso's Way coming soon, I've heard a few of the tracks, promo seems on comes in deluxe edition

Amerie - Why are You

Amerie is looking hot as usual, can't seem to get her video on the site, but here is a link Why R U

am feeling the tune, producers stay on point and she comes correct with the vocals...
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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

When The Money Goes

Fabolous and Jay-Z killed this track, this is one of the shots from the video, wonder if Hov gonna appear on it....

T.I. (Feat. Mary J. Blige) - Remember Me

The King of the South stay coming with the hits...I like this one and the concept of the video is some real talk...nice....Free TIP

Rick Ross Feat. Gun Play- Gun Play

Seems like the Boss got a video for every track...I respect this dudes hustle, whether he a c.o, rapper or dealer lol...bawse...does Gunplay sound like Plies or better than Plies???

French Montana (Feat. Jadakiss) - N.Y. Minute

Been waiting for this track for a minute..pity the biggaveli didnt get to make a cameo in this one...ny need that remix soon

Porsche Panemera....Talk about Car Keys...

Monday, 13 July 2009

President Obama in Ghana

these are just a couple of pictures of Obama's in Ghana, i still feel like am watching a movie when history is being made.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Fabolous Feat Keri Hilson & Ryan Leslie : Everything, Everyday, Everywhere

Everything, Everyday, Everywhere

I've been waiting for this tune for a minute..I gave you footage of the making like 2 monthes ago...enjoy...the link is above

album drops july 28th... looking good so far ...go cop it...

props to 2dopeboyz

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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Slaughterhouse - The One * Trailer

I see slaughterhouse trying to get that crossover hit....
pic from King Magazine

Hip-Hop's Cash Kings 2009

Rap's richest aren't immune to the worldwide downturn, but top stars still find ways to rake in millions.

MEN LIE, WOMEN LIE, NUMBERS DON'T....(Shawn Carter) RocaFella still on top.....

1. Jay-Z - 35 Million
2. Diddy - 30 Million
3. Kanye West - 25 Million
4. 50 Cent - 20 Million (Tie)
4. Akon - 20 Million (Tie)
6. Lil Wayne - 18 Million
7. Timbaland - 17 Million
8. Pharrell - 16 Million
9. T-Pain - 15 Million
10. Eminem - 14 Million
11. Dr.Dre - 13 Million
12. Snoop Dogg - 11 Million
13. Ludacris - 10 Million
14. Common - 8 Million (Tie)
14. Will.I.Am - 8 Million (Tie)
14. T.I. - 8 Million (Tie)
14. Swizz Beatz - 8 Million (Tie)
18. Andre 3000 - 7 Million (Tie)
18. Big Boi- 7 Million (Tie)
20. Flo-Rida - 6 Million (Tie)
20. Rick Ross - 6 Million (Tie)
20. Young Jeezy - 6 Million (Tie)
20. The Game - 6 Million (Tie)

Beyonce - Sweet Dreams

Easily one of if not the hardest working performing artist/ entertainer in the industry right now....I like this video...

Ron Artest is a Laker

Ron Artest brings another dimension to the Lakers, I hope he actually is an adequate replacement for Ariza

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Mario (Feat. Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett) - Break Up

I like this one..big in the clubs right now..what the hell is Gucci talkin about???

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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Jay-Z - Blueprint 3 Freestyle Live

Ok this is reminiscent of the takeover except the people mentioned are not even worthy rivals, dame dash, jim jones, the game and jaz-0 all got name checked in this one...Jigga is a combination of Tyson & Mayweather (he just won't stop)..about time he addressed the haters.. this is an exclusive, you can download the freestyle @ 2dopeboyz

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