Thursday, 30 September 2010

Dr. Dre x LeBron James Power Beats Commercial

Still waiting on detox lol!

Rick Ross Feat Chrisette Michelle & Drake- Aston Martin Music

This just sounds so epic, the visuals make it even better!!! *Update* The previous version had not been finished properly!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Twista – Make A Movie f. Chris Brown

I like this one! Twista, Traxster on the beat and Chris Brown on the hook, you can't go wrong there!

Nelly – Just A Dream

This is off Nellys new album ,the single is already looking good!!!

Editor/Bloggers Note

Wusup People,Thanks for checking the blog, apologies if it has not been consistent!!! Am gonna have a new shorter web address very soon!!! Me and the good folks of CDC should be putting out some music and videos (CDC Mixtape coming soon). If anybody wants to work with me or network feel free to holla or hit me on twitter @frankgzee

p.s am feeling these 3D glasses lol!

Jay-Z & Warren Buffet Discuss Success At The 400 Forbes Summit

There are very few people from my neighborhood that make it out. Forget about being successful, I mean making it out alive or just incarcerated. I have a great friend who just came home, one of the most beautiful people you’d ever meet; he just came home from doing 13 years. And we were together every single day. Back then there was a guy by the name of Jazz who I started out with. He had a deal with EMI. He had the opportunity to go to London to record his album. I went along with him for two months. In those two months there was a sting operation and they took my friend I’m talking about, for 13 years. The only reason I wasn’t there was because I was away doing this music stuff. Had it not been for music, and music taking me out at the right time, my life could very easily have been his, very easily. - Jay-Z
via Forbes

Nike x Rick Ross’ “Boom” Commercial

This is a very good look for Rick Ross, the Diddy management might just be paying off!!!

Va$htie Kola Talks Jordan Collaboration

The other day news hit the web about the collaboration between Vashtie Kola and Jordan Brand. Keep in mind, Vashtie is the first female to ever design a shoe for Jordan Brand, and that alone is a major accomplishment. It’s also a good look for the female sneaker community because we all know that ladies don’t get the love they deserve in the shoe game. However, after this Vashtie & Jordan collab, hopefully we start to see more brands collaborate with female trendsetters.

This is a very good look and should be inspirational to all them fashionitas!!!

info via fa