Tuesday, 20 July 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup Trophy Case by Louis Vuitton

Although most of the ruckus is surely caused from on-field play, the FIFA World Cup always doubles up as a platform to showcase new hardware, mostly revolving around the game ball and its upgraded technology. This latest news focuses on the international tournament’s holy grail, which will be featured within this custom trophy case from Louis Vuitton. Made from the finest of textiles and boasting the brand’s signature monogram design, this special case offers a stylish home to the solid 18-carat gold trophy.
Like all Louis Vuitton special orders, the FIFA World Cup Trophy case was made at the company’s original workshop in Asnières, which opened in 1859. The case opens at the front and at the top to allow the Trophy to be removed easily when, at the final on 11th July in Johannesburg, watched by many millions of people across the globe, it will be presented.


video via ilovelv


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