Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Obama's honeymoon with Americans still going strong

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Obama is halfway through his first 100 days in office and he's still enjoying a honeymoon with the American public, according to an average of recent polls.

Obama's job approval rating stands at 61 percent in a new CNN poll of polls, which averaged seven national surveys conducted over the past two weeks.

"Obama's support is not as high as it was during the transition period and immediately after the inauguration, but approval from six in ten Americans is a pretty robust level of support," said CNN polling director Keating Holland.

The 61 percent approval rating is also slightly higher than his predecessors' numbers around the same time. President Bush stood at 58 percent around 50 days into his administration. President Clinton was at 53 percent, President George H.W. Bush was at 56 percent and President Reagan was at 60 percent.

Considering the state of the economy and the mess left by the republicans for Obama to inherit, I personally feel he is doing well. Lets hope he continues to go strong...


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