Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Jay-Z Heinekken Commercial (throwback)

Wudup people, I was doing some research on commercials & hiphop for a presentation i got for one of my classes (i am a media/communications major) stumbled across this commercial..some classic sh*t lol....

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The Fresh Prince of Africa said...

Word! Thats where y'all should aspire to be! But it takes more than just rhyming skillz dawg!
you also have to
(1) have a sense of style. Distinctive. Board room but keeping the street edge
(2) Biz savvy: Know d right investments to make
(3) Have a brand: brand U. And know how to work it
(4)Stand out to be outstanding.
(5) Know how to play the power game.

For more...you might have to sign up to one of my courses!lolz. 4 real tho'...

Peace out!

The G-man