Sunday, 1 March 2009

Chi Ukaoma ...... R.I.P

Chi Billi,
man the nite b4 i went bak to london we were chillin watchin grammys, lol we cudnt get the sound workin on the tv but we jus watched it and were chattin catchin jokes, we were talkin bout mercedes - benz 600's and blowin up....i only knew Chi for 2 years but he wuz family immedialetly RRR.....Ukaomas and me roll back.... Like Uzzy said we will finish what u started distraught, devastated and in shock, I will alwayz keep u in ma prayers brother....take care and God Bless ... R.I.P ...WILL HOLD U DOWN MAN!!!

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FrankGzee said...

Chi- R.I.P gone but never forgotten