Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Young Jeezy’s Complex Photo Shoot

young jeezy doing his thing, dude is consistent with albums, guest features and mixtapes, couldn't ask for more.....

What’s it like writing for Kanye?
Young Jeezy: First of all, Kanye fucking flew in the ’copter to Hawaii, so I was all on it anyway. When I got there, I saw dolphins in the swimming pool, so I’m like, “What the fuck.” He would play songs and be like, “So what you think?” And I’d be like, “Well, shit, you might wanna change this,” because I’m looking at it from a street nigga’s perspective, you know what I’m saying? I kinda just came in and gave my input and made sure all the dots connected. You gotta go in with the mindset that you know who you’re dealing with or who you’re writing for. ’Cause I done gave niggas some jewels and niggas like, “Yo, this shit is crazy.”

pics,video&excerpt via complex

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