Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Round Up

Wusup people,

Am gonna be doing a weekly round up of stuff going on, in regards to my site, sports,music, politics etc....

1st of all, I need more feedback to improve the site, you can hit me up on my email or facebook me *frank 'gzee' agu*.....if you have a video, pics..or anything interesting that needs to be promoted u can hit me up too, we see if we can work something out.

Now for my round up, 1st of all am looking forward to mtv's top 10 hottest mc's, coming out next week, am gonna cover that, secondly Blueprint 3 is killing it with the sales, Kid Cudi is doing his thing and i just had a thought, N.Y has done well for hip hop this year.

As for my team C.D.C the mixtape is coming soon,in the mean time check out jarmaine great, 1/3 of the C.D.C collective....

enjoy the videos and new stuff I put up on the site.....peace

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