Sunday, 14 June 2009

L.A Lakers Win NBA finals

Congratulations to the L.A Lakers !!! I have put together a the best video clips and a few pictures. As a fan of the Lakers, it was great to see them clinch this title.
There has been too much talk about whether Kobe could carry his team? Well whatever the answer, they have surely proved critics wrong. The Lakers thoroughly deserved this victory. Derek Fisher was a great point guard, Kobe Bryant was a juggernaut, Trevor Ariza a revelation and Lamar Odom unforgettable. Obviously after all celebrations die, contract negotiations will commence, lets enjoy the moment though... Congrats Lakers, Kobe is another step to being one of the greatest, I believe he already is.
Phil Jackson should be referred to as a doctor, 10 NBA Titles, that's a remarkable achievement. Moments like this are inspirational, fans of Basketball and the Lakers enjoy...
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kobe is the best, he a legend