Monday, 22 June 2009

Jarmaine Great (CDC Exclusive)

With music now more than ever shrouded in poor lyrics and a generic sound, Jarmaine Great brings a new feel to the genre of Hip Hop. Devolping his talents from freestyling with friends to having a diverse taste in music from Nas to Curtis Mayfield his content has proven itself over and over again. "I try to make music people can relate to, theres no point in talking about things people don't feel." Previously having performed for many different crowds Jarmaine is confident in his skills, he says alot of what he thinks through his lyrics so let the music speak for itself.

You can check him on

These are a few tracks you can download and listen too
1. Dealers
2. Sigh

also check out the video for 'Sigh' by Jarmaine Great directed by Stefano Feleppa (CDC Production)

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