Monday, 11 May 2009

Kobe Bryant V Lebron James (The Frank Review)

This is the match we all wanna see. I personally feel Kobe is a better player than Lebron James, however I do not think Lebron is far off. Must take into consideration that Kobe is older and more experienced. I got a few stats from for you to check out...
2008/09 Kobe Bryant
PPG 26.8
RPG 5.2
APG 4.9
SPG 1.5
BPG 0.4
FG% 0.467
FT% 0.856
3P% 0.351
MPG 36.1

LeBron James 2008/09
PPG 28.4
RPG 7.6
APG 7.2
SPG 1.7
BPG 1.1
FG% 0.489
FT% 0.780
3P% 0.344
MPG 37.7

Obviously by looking @ the stats, they are both in good form and are on top of their game. James and the Cavs seem to be cruising to the final, the Lakers have to step up and take advantage of the Rockets.

If both teams reach the final,it would be a great way to start the summer, this would be like the Justice League V The-Xmen or Batman V Superman, nah more like Jay-Z V Nas.... U dont really know who you want to win, but whowever comes out victorious, deserves it...I Love this Game!!!


k2 said...

i agree with you i think experience matters alot. Kobe has been in top 5 players in the league for more than a decade and this guy is still going strong and he get better every season.Lebron on the other hand is just a monster notting else to describe him..... this guy is close to perfect the way he motivate is team mate to get better and also the link in the team that every play goes through. to have all this quality at his very young age is incredible......

Anonymous said...

yeh definetly Kobe is better than Lebron, but i think Lebron might catch up, however he need to start winning championships..still young though...

Rotimi said...

Kobe 2me is better than Lebron, but i ive been watching the Cavs playoff games this season and i aint gonna lie Lebron stepped up big time, he is deifnately gona have the same impact that Kobe has had in the coming years but he still needs to win a ring first to be considered on the same level as Kobe.....but you all have to understand that age is not on Kobes' side....

FrankGzee said...

true say age is not on Kobe's side, but dude has achieved everything a player can achieve..if he wins 1 or 2 more championships, he wont be far off Michael Jordan...yeh I said he does not win any more he still will always be one of the greatest...