Monday, 20 December 2010

We Can See This BMW With Our Eyes Closed….

A cool new campaign from BMW uses an optical illusion called an afterimage effect to cause viewers to see the BMW logo when they closed their eyes after seeing the commercial.  Check out the video and see how they did it….but we have to get flashed ourselves to believe it.

BMW has figured out a way to burn itself into perspective customers' heads – or at least their eyes.
Lighting manufacturer Profoto worked with BMW on a commercial in which light effects let viewers temporarily see "BMW" when they close their eyes, according to theHuffington Post .
The company used an optical illusion called an "afterimage" effect. reported it was created by hiding a Profoto Pro 7B studio flash unit behind the screen at a German movie theater. A card with the letters "BMW" cut into it was placed in front of the light.
The flash fired during the advertisement and burned the letters into the viewers' retinas. As a motorcyclist in the commercial told people to close their eyes, they did so and saw "BMW" projected onto the backs of their eyelids.
An afterimage is also known as a ghost image, according to Wikipedia . The most common is the bright light that seems to float before someone's eyes if the person looks into a light source for a few seconds then looks away

info & video via thelifefiles and myfox
This sounds and looks very innovative, hopefully when I go to see the movie ,Tron this commercial will pop up and then I can co-sign what sounds impossible right and technology just keeps on evolving into realms we could not have foreseen decades ago.

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