Thursday, 14 January 2010

Jay-Z Addresses Freemason/Illuminati Rumors &Jay-Z Speaks On Birdman Saying Lil Wayne Is More Lyrical & Makes More Money

“I think I need to remind people I’m from Marcy Projects. You can’t get into those prestigious clubs. I can’t even get into the golf club in Palm Springs.” (In response to Illuminati and Freemason rumors)

“This rap music and the competitive by nature, nothing really surprises me anymore but I’ll honestly say, that was one that was like a shocker. When you from a certain place, cut from a certain cloth, there’s certain things that’s just off limits. When you cross that line, it puts you in a different box.” I think people are running out of ideas and it’s all marketing at this point.(In response to Beanie Segal disses)

- Jay-Z
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The Director Of, “On To The Next One,” Speaks

Jay-Z Speaks On Birdman Saying Lil Wayne Is More Lyrical & Makes More Money
Watch when Jay talks about the money part, this is priceless, this moment Vs the 'men lie women lie, numbers don't', its a

Esquire article on Jay-Z

“African-Americans were very rarely considered pop culture,” he says from behind o

ne of his color-blind podiums. “When Whitney became pop, she did a lot of things that were

not necessarily her. Look at her first album” — she looks like an African goddess — “versus

her second” — a black Olivia Newton-John — “and you’ll see what she did. Michael Jackson, same thing. He put Jheri curls in his hair. Those were the things they had to do to be loved by the masses.” But Jay-Z didn’t do anything but keep being himself, he say

s. “The masses came to him.” Full Story: “Why Jay-Z Is Everything We’re Not,” @ Esquire

I should have called this particular post.. the 'jigga man' lol....anyway these are just a few articles you can read on, especially the whole conspiracy theories about S.Carter, I put a bunch of interviews and articles it a read

ers digest, am tired of people telling me hip-hop is evil etc, this rapper is the anti-christ etc....anyway enough said 'On to The next One'!!!

“Rap for me is like making movies, telling stories, and getting the emotions of the songs through in just as deep a way. And I grew up in rap and movies the same way. I recently watched Once Upon a Time in America (1984) on a plane. Back in the day, Noodles”—played by Robert De Niro— “was my man. But when he rapes that girl, I couldn’t sit through it anymore. You come to realize that actions have consequences.” -Jay- Z

full interview

pics and articlesvia vibe, realtalkny, hot97 , interview magazine& esquire

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