Thursday, 30 April 2009

Rick Ross Baby Moms’ 15 Minutes + ( my thoughts on this whole issue)

I read an excerpt of this book and spazzed read and let me know your thoughts

I feel that this was a poor move by Tia Kemp…I will make my points then u can either clarify or holla @ me….

1. How many baby fathers do you have?
2. How many of them pay child support?
3. When you went shopping sprees with 50 cent, instead of buying Gucci fur!!! Why did you not buy clothes for your kids?
4. How much money do you really think you will make from this book? Is it life - changing money?

I personally feel that you don’t have a strong case against the man, otherwise why would you resort to this? If you are confident In what you are saying then the courts will sort out some kind of settlement. Woman show some integrity, there are a lot of women who get abandoned with their kids, they don’t die, they keep it moving, I respect them. I heard one of your interviews and there was some emotion in your answers regarding William aka rick ross…this means there was something genuine for you to have his son…that is not your 1st kid, so u are very experienced. If I was you, I would either settle in court or try to make amends. 50 CENT is using you like Uncle Sam….

As for Rick Ross, if he really is not looking out for his son, shame on him, whether he glorifies drugs, or fabricates his past, i really don’t see what the big deal is, a lot of rappers do it, personally i think he makes good music, he does go overboard at times and his denial of the c.o picture was detrimental. It is of choice to listen to music or hip hop. Nonetheless, getting back to what I was saying, he should set up a trust fund for his son and make sure the boy has the necessary things to grow up with..i.e clothes, healthcare, quality food, good school, moral, ethics etc… basically if you cannot give this to your kid after making so much money, what are you living for????

The reason I am commenting on this situation is because, this whole child support thing is a very big issue in the community, thus I thought I should address this particular issue….

Now lets talk rap/hiphop

I think 50 cents tactics are terrible considering he is a walking contradiction, he has his own baby mama problems and he is making time to side somebody else’s baby mama, how sad.

Rick Ross should not have made such comments on Mafia music, that is slander and it is a “bitch move”.

I feel Rick Ross beat him lyrically in this whole battle thing.

I personally don’t care what started this beef.

Both of these men are way over 30 years old..its all entertaining, let it stay as entertainment or squash this childish shit…..

Frank CDC


Anonymous said...

thats some real talk man

Anonymous said...

Real talk yeah, lil bit long though.

FrankGzee said...

am tired of hearing all this baby moma

Anonymous said...

i think you've made good points, however you've missed 50 Cent arguement, i don't think he contradicts himself...his point isn't rick ross being a lousy father who don't look after his own, but tht rick ross claims to have sooo much money and yet still doesn't look after his own...emphasis is on the false claim of riches more so than anything of wat i've heard , yes rick ross is definitely winning the lyrical battle...but i'm definitely more entertained by fiddy's tactics...